Students ask friends and family to pledge a flat amount to support the school. Students earn prizes as they collect pledges individually, as a class, and school wide.  On the event day, the entire school participates by running for 30 minutes with most completing 25 laps or more. Pledges are collected through our secure online system or can be sent back to school in the Bearathon envelope. ​

The Bearathon Fun Run is on Wednesday, November 16th.  The Bearathon is our primary fundraiser! Our goal is $70,000.  For the eleventh year, the Bearathon is being organized entirely by volunteers and our amazing P.E. Department, which means 100% of the net proceeds stay at HLS.  The funds raised are used to purchase much needed technology and to continually support the HLS staff and students.  Check out what we were able to do with the funds from last years event.

Thank you SPONSORS

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bearathon is a fun and healthy alternative to the traditional catalog sale and we keep 100% of the money collected. ​

How does it work?

Why a fun run?

Pledgestar Features

  • Families can check the leader board anytime to see where their class is at. The top teacher in K-3, 4-6 and MS earns a $100 bill.  Just go to 

  • You can text pledge requests.

  • You can share pledge requests to social media.

  • You can set your child's goals and see what prize level they have earned.

Paper Pledge 

Important Dates

Welcome to the 2023 Highland Lakes Bearathon Fun Run

Can I come watch the event or volunteer at the event?  Yes! Please check here for volunteer opportunities.  If you want to come cheer your kids on, the schedule is below:

Wednesday, November 16th

K-1st runs at 9:30 am

2nd - 3rd runs at 10:15 am

4th - 6th runs at 11:15 am

7th - 8th runs at 3:00 pm

How will the Middle School Color Run work? Only students with signed permission slips and a $35 pledge will participate in the color run.  Students will run around a track with color stations where volunteers douse them with different colors.   

What if I don't have a signed permission slip?
 You will not be allowed to run. Get that permission slip in asap!!

What is the color powder ? Colored Powder is made of non-toxic, biodegradable corn starch and FD&C and or D&C colors. Approved for use in foods, cosmetics and or drugs.

Will the color powder stain my clothes?
 It might,  we suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful.  We also suggest eye protection and a bandana or face mask.

Will water be provided? No, everyone will need to bring their own water bottle. 

How do prizes work? To qualify for individual prizes, money must be turned in by December 1, 2023.  During the pledge time (Nov 3-Dec 1), there will also be prizes awarded to anyone who registers with Pledgestar and sends 10 valid emails.  Classrooms will also be setting goals and working towards whole class incentives.*  

How does Pledgestar handle that I have more than one student? When you register with Pledgestar, you register all of your students under one account.  When friends and family pledge, they have the choice to equally divide their donation or give a specific amount to each student.

Can I share my family Pledgestar page on Social Media? Yes, just follow the links when you register.

What kind of prizes can my student/class/school win? See this years prize poster graphic below. 

Pledge Online 

The paper pledge option is used for cash/checks received from donors.  Keep track of these pledges on the Bearathon Envelope that was sent home with every student.  Keep any money collected in the provided envelope and turn it in by December 1, 2023.​

We use a secure web-based fundraising system. Students can request and track pledges from friends and family via email, text, or social media.  Donors can make secure donations online or instructions for sending a check are provided. Click on the button below to go to the Pledgestar website.

Week of Nov 1st--Teachers get their info packets
Week of Nov 1st--Classrooms set goals and hand their posters 
Tuesday, November 2nd--Bearathon Kick Off Day 

Wednesday, November 15th--BEARATHON FUN RUN DAY 
Friday, December 1st--ALL PLEDGE MONEY DUE